Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Book Review: 'The Moon Wants To Be Spotless White' by Priya Narayanan

Genre: Children's story book

Illustrations: Sunita Mitra


The vain Moon is devastated when he finds out about the dirt patch on his otherwise pristine white self. He wants to be scrubbed and cleaned by Dhobi Kaka to regain his spotless beauty. The moon cunningly manipulates Mitu into helping him out in this mission. 

But how will mitu get the moon down to be cleaned? 

Will kaka be able to restore the moon s spotless beauty? 

Will mitu be turned into an owl for not keeping her promise? 

Join in the fun-filled adventure of the Moon, Mitu and Dhobi Kaka, as the trio set out on their mission to help the Moon become spotless.


This is my first children's book to review, and I am glad I read (and liked) it. As the blurb showcases, the story in the book revolves around three main characters - a little girl Mitu, the Moon, and Dhobi kaka. The story is simple but still exciting and binding while the characters are few in number, which is good from a child's point of view. Personification of the Moon could have been tricky, but the author manages to weave this character too with grace and vivid fancy. The language is breezy both for adults and their lower age counterparts. And the story moves at a good pace as it is beautifully accompanied by various creative illustrations which adds charm to the reading journey. All in all, quite a feel good story.

Also, this book doesn't offer any negative or gray shade character, but that is not at all necessary to be there in almost every book for kids justifying the victory of good over evil. That's why, I liked this book more.

But the beauty of this book is its powerful message, which is neither too preachy, nor light in morality, and is portrayed with elegance towards the end. Kids will surely love this book and apply the moral of the story in their real lives too.


Moral of the story is the best punch.

Simple and feel good story for kids.

Illustrations add a great impact to the imagination while reading.


Just a few editing errors here and there.

Not a vast plot.

My Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

My fav. off-beat cinema

There are some very thought provoking films made in Bollywood that win a lot of critical acclaim but when it comes to overall viewership, they are unable to compete with typical blockbusters. It is high time we rise above the present ‘Superhits’ to bridge the gap and come up with more movies that boast of quality.

Here I present my Top 5 off-beat Hindi films that are a must-watch for everyone:

1. YMI: Yeh Mera India

2. A Wednesday!

3. Paan Singh Tomar

4. Pinjar

5. Dasvidaniya

Others worth mentioning: 1971, Khuda Kay Liye, Bol
Upcoming: Miss Lovely

Watch the trailer:

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Indian General Elections 2014 with social mobile apps


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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mobile Review: Micromax Canvas HD A116i

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My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Bike Review: Yamaha SZ-RR

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This one seems to be one of the best mobikes launched by Yamaha in India. Giving me a good mileage of around 40 kmpl. Great riding and control and manoeuvring. MRF Zapper or tubeless tyres could have been a great value-addition but at increased cost. Pick-up and power is, of course, less than FZ, that’s why the price is less. The engine at first is super smooth but with time, it starts making grunting noise (which some like and some don’t, I am neutral). Bought it towards the end of July 2013; ridden 1000 km approx till now. Not many complaints.

Product Rating:
Fuel Consumption (km/litre):
Handling and Control:
Product Recommendation: Yes

Pros:Superb riding and control
Cons:TVS tyres (non-tubeless)

All in all 5 out of 5 rating


Celebrate life.

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