Sunday, August 31, 2014

UniverCell pioneers to Sync digital experience

Soumya Menon, VP, Brand Strategy, UniverCell describes her Sync model somewhat like this - 

Sync is a new technology experience store we have created. Smart phones need a new kind of ecosystem in which customers can experience them. In our stores you will find different experience zones. These experience zones are not categorized according to the brands but according to the experiences they offer. It's a new concept.

Sync is more than just a store of latest gadgets and gizmos. It is a digital experience store where you don't just buy, you experience technology, you touch it, you interact with it, you live it before you own it. It's the home to latest digital trends, the coolest tech toys. It's new edge. It's edgy. It's personalized technology.

Housing the best brands, the latest in technological trends, it is a glimpse into our digital future. A future that's made of pixels and windows. And this is the window to experience it all - UniverCell.

UniverCell Sync commits to enrich our digital lifemanship in a number of ways.

There is   for the business consumer there is the work and play segment where one can be connected to work even at home; and a children’s exclusive zone called Junior Sync where kids can get a tablet pre-loaded with edutainment content — all this with a view to bringing a wholesome experience with personalized care to the consumer.

UniverCell, in its Sync concept, has introduced unique need-based accessory bundles to enable range selling.

Music Zone
The music zone with music phones, music accessories and apps paired together

Points to look out for an exclusive and enthralling music experience on your phone and for that good music accessories are a must.

The above pic depicts the Sync checklist for the multi-tasker who wants an overall great digital experience

Point & Shoot
The point and shoot for cell phone photography and selfie enthusiasts (in the recently opened stores). This section boasts of great picture accessories like pocket printer, etc. when bundled with your best picture quality phone give the picture enthusiasts a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Smartphone exclusive section

Tablet exclusive zone

UniverCell is differentiated by the value additions we intuitively create to make the customer’s life easy.

Introducing Sync Squad value added service- your 
personalized smart phone trainer

-This is a post purchase support at a 
customers’ doorstep 

-Helps a customer load and sync 
content from different devices

-Sync different devices like tv, laptop, 

Work & Play
This Zone is a mix of Productivity and Gaming. The best phones for work, loaded by the best productivity apps bring alive how a smartphone can really power up your life. Phablets and Tablets with exciting gaming apps lets you experience how you can play while you work. This zone also brings alive all kinds of accessories that takes multitasking to its absolute limit.

The bloggers and customers present at the UniverCell Bangalore on Sunday, 24th August 2014

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Himalaya Hair Care

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Recreating my home

It's not an exaggeration when it's quoted that he four walls of our home are the silent witnesses to our laughter, cries, anxieties, and the celebrations. Each corner of our home has its own stories built in brick by brick. Therefore, I consider home decor as an emotional decision for me. I don't prefer any particular style for my home decor, it's generally Casual for me that works. And I would like to chose the following 3 items for the purpose:

1. Aapno Rajasthan Peacock Wall Mount with Hand Painted Work -- Regarded as a symbol of majestic beauty since time immemorial, the Peacock style is considered to be an ancient but elegant way to embellish a wall. This wall mount décor with antique finish with white embossed highlights is sure to add royal beauty to my home. It's crafted in wood and hand painted with beautiful enamel colours of blue, red and olive green, thus giving it a beautiful look. Both the front and top views look really great.

2. Aapno Rajasthan Lantern -- Looks mesmerizing. With 23 K gold embossed lantern with Meenakari and Kundan work, it's a masterpiece in marble! It's beautifully adorned with subtle stokes of gold work to add brilliance to my home decor. This lantern comes a with light attachment though I would have to purchase the light bulb to ornate it to produce light.

3. Style Homez Football Bean Bag Purple & Red -- Although not a big Fifa fan, I really like this piece of bean bag as I am sure it's eye-pleasing as well it will suit my home and bedroom right away. The twin colors contrasting each other make it the most wonderful combinations in bean bags I have ever laid my eyes upon. The XXL size is a perfect fit to have ultimate resting fun on this decor piece of my home.

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Kotak Jifi

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