Saturday, December 19, 2015

Know Your Rights... and Act

Nirbhaya's rapist walks free. How could we allow that? Even if he was a juvenile he has committed the crime. On the top of that, the bullshit Delhi Govt. is giving him free means of living. How could our streets ever be free if sexual violence cases don't get reported, and people like this convict are not hanged till death.

But even worse than this is that 99 cases out of 100 don't get reported, no FIR means no crime, implying no justice for the victim. And do you know why this is so? Why not these cases get reported?

1) Due to fear of victim's negative publicity.
2) Due to lack of courage.
3) Due to lack of support from victim's friends, family, society.
4) Due to lack of knowledge of basic rights in such cases.

The first three come in the category of APPROACH while the last reason for non-reporting of sexual violence cases comes in the category of ACTION. And action will only be there if one has the knowledge necessary for this action. That's why -->

Amnesty International has launched the #KnowYourRights campaign, which is a people’s rights educational program aimed at informing people of their basic rights via free educational modules on digital and physical media because knowing one’s rights gives one the confidence to take action. Tell us why you think survivors of sexual violence should come forward to report the crime and not brush it under the carpet.

As obvious in the video, most of the females don't even have the slightest idea about their rights. How could they not have an idea about this while living in a country where every second a rape happens in some part!

Why is it important to encourage reporting sexual violence?

1) What happens with the victim is morally and socially wrong. She MUST get justice for being the victim of this wrongdoing.

2) Sexual violence needs to be reported in order to get that scum off the streets and put him/them behind bars where they actually belong. The streets will be safer this way and the rest of the victim's gender population will, at the least, feel a bit safer.

3) The victim will get a Moral Victory required to deal with this kind of trauma which could be devastating. You won't be alone in this battle and it will instill confidence in one to be brave and move forward.


 ● Sexual violence does not only include physical harm. The law was changed in 2013 to cover a broader range of offences, including sexual harassment, voyeurism and stalking.

 ● One can file an FIR against sexual violence in any police station, not necessarily the one nearest to the incident.

 ● One can register a complaint either over phone or e-mail. But to complete the FIR registration one must visit a police station.

 ● An FIR can be filed by a friend, witness or a family member too. But they must have the full consent of the survivor and the survivor must be willing to be part of the investigations later.

 ● Police cannot refuse to file an FIR. If refused the police officer can be punished under law and you can register a complaint with higher authorities.

 ● A woman police officer must be present when you file an FIR against sexual violence

 ● After registering an FIR, one is entitled to a court-appointed lawyer.

P.S. -- I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s #KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Togetherness: It needs to be Real and not Digital

In today's world, where every second pair of eyes are looking down and fingers moving on a 4x6 inches smarty thing, one doesn't know what it's costing every one of us. As life goes on daily, we are getting drowned in our digital lives and getting separated or rather subconsciously ousted from our real world lives should be a matter of grave concern to every individual.

Social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp and uncountable others have eased communication between friends and family to such an extent that it gives an idea of having a person just beside us every time; so much so that people don't feel the need to actually visit / meet those significant ones in their lives. Coupled to it, the stress levels, never-receding and ever-increasing workload, and negligible availability of time, people just like to relax and chill and MEET ON A SOCIAL NETWORD, rather than face to face.

But there is a faction of thinkers who are quickly realising the long term cons of online togetherness. The real togetherness has been the backbone of our society since time immemorial. People come together, talk, share, eat, drink, dance, enjoy to satiate their soul which craves for love. Digital togetherness, no doubt, is totally deprived of that. True, it's very fascinating and lucrative but what it lacks is soul, thus it incepts with distinctive honour only superficial joy and not soulful pleasure. The latter is the basic part of a person's individual happiness level, generally talking.

It is high time that we limit the unnecessary part of digital pervasiveness in daily communications, and come up with plans to meet people, dine together, go on tours/trips with each other. Connecting in person opens up an added advantage of understanding the person sitting next as you can feel the emotions and explore the depth of your friendship/relation which ultimately results in great bonding for the whole life.

There are several ways this can be done and the omnipresent Nature could prove to be a impartial help in this task. My idea of real togetherness is to arrange regular picnics / sight-seeing near a lake or in a forest in the lap of nature where one could be with oneself and discover the hidden facets of each other as well as the Mother Nature. Preparing food together at a picnic or get-together is an unforgettable experience. The required apparatus could be carried in the trunk of one's car with some adjustments. But the prospect of cooking food in a barbecue during such an event would be an experience one would relish his/her whole lifetime. Fast / Frozen foods along with Ketchup and Jam would be savouring for both adults and kids alike.

Kissan India has come up with a great video propagating the cause of Real Joy of Togetherness. Watch it below.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

The #ChampIsBack II

As I work away from my hometown, approximately 2500 km far, the one unavoidable thing in my yearly itinerary is travelling. Apart from this, there is also frequent travelling to other cities for work, recreation, getaways. And a smartphone is our constant companion on any such trip.

One of the drawbacks of this is the stifling thought of the regular charging required for the smartphone as the battery doesn't hold longer than a day; and then it takes the whole night to get fully recharged. Well, it seems I can avoid this just a little as I look at the better capacity of battery in the newly launched LG Nexus 5X. It offers 2700 mAh battery which is way better than that of my current smartphone.

Secondly, one thing we always have to look out for while charging the phone is to give full attention to how to insert the usb charging cable into the charging port of the phone. That's always a dubious task as almost every other time we tend to insert the usb cable the wrong way, a fact of Probability in real life. But the new LG Nexus 5X provides us with the reversible USB Type-C charger, which means no more guessing which way is up. And it's fast as we get almost four hours of use after only ten minutes of charging.

Thirdly, there is always danger lurking around w.r.t. the theft or missing of our smartphone while travelling. LG Nexus 5X ups the ante here too by providing a unique kind of fingerprint sensor -  Nexus Imprint - placed on the back of the device to complement the way we naturally hold it. It turns on the screen with one touch, unlocks the apps quickly and easily, and this featuring technology gets personal and smarter with every touch.

Thus leaving no doubt that LG Nexus 5X is a better companion smartphone than others, hence go for it!

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I currently use Micromax Canvas HD A116i as my personal smartphone since last two years. It's quite a good phone and does almost everything what a smartphone should be doing, with good efficiency and came at a price just above the lower 5 digit numeral.

As I feel the need to upgrade or equip myself with a modern range smartphone, there are several options in mind out of which one of the top place-holders in the new LG Nexus 5X.

I am a foodie and a regular, if not frequent, visitor of restaurants in my city bearing more than 2.5 rating on Zomato preferably. One of the things I like to do while seated and before ordering is to take a quick look at the reviews so as to understand which food items people have liked in general and recommended for others to try. And for that I need a better smartphone with slightly more than 5 inches of screen. This is where LG Nexus 5X takes high standpoint by offering 5.2 inch display, perfect to handle and read reviews and write my own whatever I like or dislike about the food/restaurant on the spot.

Secondly, when visiting a restaurant and not taking the pic of the dishes served or of myself/friends or myself eating a particularly delicious item, then the trip doesn't feel total worthwhile, isn't it! But, as you know, the restaurants prefer dim lighting at dinner time where it gets difficult to take a quality picture of anything aforementioned. I think this is where the new LG Nexus 5X will come on handy rather than my current smartphone as the former's larger 1.55μm pixels captures more light even in the dimmest conditions to produce stunning details and sharp images.

Now I have been hearing a lot about the Google Photo app these days but I am yet to try it. What's super-cool with Nexus 5X is that I will get a chance to explore this app as well as store an unlimited amount of photos and videos at high quality for free, and access them anywhere. This would also come in handy for my on-the-spot restaurant reviews on Zomato by taking and posting the pictures as well as taking unlimited numbers of selfies or the group pics while eating together outside without ever worrying about the storage limit exceeding in my phone.

Therefore, all-in-all LG Nexus 5X seems to offer a unique perspective to my eating outside and I feel it would definitely enrich my dining experience.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sachchi Advice Ek Baar, Jiyo Khulke Har Baar

Here I would like to talk about one of the biggest moments of life which I have never told anyone about. During the year 2012 I was going through what is known as Opportunity Cost crisis in my life. I have been working in Govt. sector for 2 years then and also pursuing my hobby of writing Poetry seriously part-time. But it was being quite difficult with time to pursue both of them with equal ease and time. The doubts sprung in my mind garden what if I had been under that tree instead of standing in the shadow of the current one. And the thing was I couldn't be sure whether to continue pursuing both and keep faltering or to take up one and continue it seriously.

The Dilemma:

I couldn't leave my Govt. job as it was necessary for my financial independence and my family's financial security. I couldn't just leave Poetry as it was (and still is) the one and the foremost thing which gives me peace of mind. But there was no financial success on this path of creativity. It reduces my stress when all the disturbing or overflowing thoughts pour out on paper and I feel free and could sleep calmly.

The Torture:

Few months passed by in the same state of mind. I was getting less interested in doing job as it used to stress me completely out working full day. I was not getting enough sleep time due to standing tall at creative fronts (my poems) most of the night hours. There was a continuous war waged in my head due to this perpetual dilemma where I was not being able to decide finally what to do, where to go, how to live the rest of my life. 


I had made an online friend, whom I call Shkz, based on mutual admiration of historic personalities and the love for language. When I brought up this issue with her, she advised me to go for DMIT.

The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) critically assesses the inherent acumen and aptitude of the individual, and attempts to map the different creative and cognitive processes within the brain. While most other tests offer, at best, only a static result of a given performance at any time, the DMIT continually maps the development and growth of talent along an educational gradient.

What it factors in within its scope is not just the potential and scope for an existing skill-set to improve within a person, but also the possibilities for an individual to acquire a new skill set or talent. So, while an I.Q test for a child is restricted to only cognitive reasoning (for example, how good or bad he might be in mathematics at one given standard), the DMIT showcases multiple facets and applications of memory-based learning, reasoning, decision-making and even creativity. 

The Outcome

I took her advice, found out more about my existing talent and natural skill-set. She showed me map, I found out the direction and then headed towards my life's calling. I stopped striving to be the best at my workplace, became an average employee non-willing to an outstanding employee so as to pursue my creative talent and focus more on Writing.

3 years from then, today, I have my poems (Hindi as well as English) in more than 10 national and international anthologies and magazines. 

Last month, we had a grand launch of my latest anthology KarnaKavita @ Atta Galatta, Bangalore.

Last week, my song Thodi Si Khushi (for which I am the lyricist) was released in a short film Ginger Chai by AndC Productions.

My song is at the end of the movie -->

My Facebook poetry page --> VPS.hitaishi

Next, I am endeavoring to bring out my own poetry book and an adventure fiction novel in the coming times.

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P.P.S. -- I am planning to write another blog post for this contest on how I got convinced by one of my friends to take a Term Plan (I used to be against it earlier) and how I found out that MaxLife among the best for this purpose.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

#FirstLove with Dabur

Everyone wants to cuddle and shower unlimited kisses on a baby. Ever wondered why! As a baby, one instantly receives attention from all over, because of the soft and supple nature of baby's skin. But when it comes to a baby’s skin, one has to remain extra careful. One of the ways to nourish baby's skin is a smooth massage on a daily basis after bath.

Importance of Massage

While baby's internal health is taken care of with sufficient nutritional foods, supplements, immunisation vaccinations and tender care, what equally demands attention is their external physical well-being. And massaging has been considered as one of the vital cogs in this regard. Massaging contributes a lot in terms of overall physical growth of baby. Not only does it helps parents to bond with their baby but also helps the latter to gain weight, improves his sleep quality, helps to develop bones, makes his muscles strong, relieves digestive problems, stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies his skin, and improves the metabolic rate. Thus it can be said that massaging not only helps to develop an emotional bond with one's child but it also helps  the baby grow physically stronger. 

From several centuries, infant massage has been considered a traditional practice in Indian culture and it has recently gained widespread popularity all around the world. Infant massage is not just beneficial for the child, but also for the parents. Experts agree that a gentle touch on the infant’s body during a massage helps in promoting baby’s emotional and physical development while creating a strong bond and relationship with the parent.

Some other important benefits associated with infant body massage are:

  • Contributes towards Physical Development – A few weeks of regular massage makes them healthy, active and alert while promoting weight gain. Further, it also improves blood circulation while enhancing growth and development. 

  • Improve Bonding – Touch is considered to be vital for development of an attachment behaviour and also for early social development.

  • Helps baby relax and sleep better – A gentle massage on the child’s body helps him relax and sleep. 

Massaging Baby the right way

Start with preparing massage oils and warming up the room. Keep a clean warm towel under the baby and gently massage in one direction. Use nice and soft movements so that they get a chance to enjoy it, and willingly get it done the next time as well. Do not force them, for they love to choose between things. It is a good base for healthy mind and body in adulthood. Children are naturally flexible, and generally have an innate sense of balance with a stronger body overall. Toddler massage will teach you the art of positive touch to benefit you and your child and can calm a crying or a fussy baby.

Choosing the right massage oil 

A newborn’s skin is highly sensitive so it needs to be taken extra care of when a product has to be chosen to be applied directly on it. That's why I recommend the newly launched from the trusted house of Dabur, (which already has various good products like Dabur Lal Tail, Dabur Gripe Water, Dabur Janm Ghunti, etc.) in this category, the Dabur Baby Massage Oil.

First of all, Dabur Baby does not encourage the use of any form of artificial colours, paraffins, and parabens. Dabur Baby Massage Oil is a unique blend of premium natural oils like - Olive & Almond which provide the baby the required nourishment.

Key Features:
  • Made up of Natural oils like Almond & Olive
  • Olive is known to help provide nourishment to the baby’s skin
  • Almond is known to gently moisturize baby’s delicate skin making it soft and supple.
  • Paraffins Free.
  • No artificial colours
  • No artificial colours
  • Regular massaging helps strengthen bones and muscles.
  • Attractive and playful product pack helps engage the baby while massaging.
The oil nourishes your baby’s tender skin and keeps it soft and supple. It’s enriched natural ingredients cure and prevent the baby’s skin from getting dry or wrinkled. 


Dabur Baby as a Brand focuses exclusively on products developed using natural ingredients, which are safe and provide nourishment to babies. These products have been created through extensive research by understanding the essential need for babies' tenderly skin and hair. Dabur has gone a step ahead and ensured that the safe practices are being utilized in designing these products.

Dabur has gone a step ahead in ensuring that only the safest of the ingredients and processes are being utilized in the development of Dabur Baby products. Dabur Baby prohibits the use of any form of artificial colours in any of its products. Also the Dabur Baby products are Paraffin and Paraben Free, unlike other baby products present in the market.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Honey Diet v/s Crash Diet

Dabur Honey has recently organised a meet in Bangalore explaining the disadvantages of Crash Diets and the benefits of Honey Diet.

Google defines Crash Diet as a weight-loss diet undertaken on an urgent, short-term basis with the aim of achieving very rapid results. In other words as explained by Ms. Pooja Makhija, the elite nutritionist for celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, etc., in order to lose their weight in a very short period, people tend to undertake a restrictive meal plan which comprises of minimum amount of calories needed to sustain the human body. But there are several disadvantages of this -

First of all, during a crash diet, the body doesn't just burn off fat but it starts burning muscle tissue as well. That's like, half of the body fat is burnt while the rest half comprises of muscles which is never going to be good for the body.

Secondly, serious nutritional deficiency might start getting build up in the body which will affect the proper functioning of all organs inside. 

Thirdly, body metabolism is severely affected, resulting in slower burning of calories (which body is already getting in lesser amounts, thanks to crash diet). This hampers basic body functions like digestion and even walking, sitting and sleeping. That means body would be doing lesser and lesser activities and it would be feeling energy-deprived throughout this phase.

Fourthly, there is no guarantee or solid research that post-crashdiet, you will not gain weight or your metabolism won't get all wonky, or your hormonal senstivity (like insulin production) will remain normal.

Bottom line: Crash diets might be a quick fix, but they can also be awful, dangerous, and come with lasting negative health effects.

Now, coming to Honey Diet -

1. Honey has been described in the ancient Indian medicinal text, Ayurveda as the complete food.

2. Taking a spoonful of honey with warm water within the first hour of waking up in the morning prepares the body for the day throughout. That means, one can do any type of exercise and yoga and cut down on weight without taking up crash diet.

3. Benefits of honey: it gives you instant energy the natural way. It can't be consumed in large quantities thus restricting too much of calorie intake, and just the right amount. It's a natural and neural alternative to sugar, thus encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

4. Honey has various medicinal and therapeutic

About Dabur Honey

As informed by the Brand Manager of Dabur Honey, Mr. Shashank Sharma, their honey is procured from different farms who source it from the finest locations in Himalayas and the forests of Sunderbans. It then goes through strict quality checks before being processed using the most advanced technology available (he mentioned that they got a machine worth Rs. 4 crores for quality tests around 10 years back). The entire process happens in the most hygienic environment with no human contact with the product or the bottles. This ensures that Honey retains its natural properties and pure honey comes to the customer with the promise of good health and fitness.

Raising the question of purity, when Mr. Shashank was asked about the crystallization of honey in winters giving an indication that honey might not be 100% pure, he said that the property of natural honey is that it crystallizes but they still take care of glucose to fructose ratio (keeping it 1.4:1, I guess) so that it doesn't crystallize much even at lower temperatures. He also added that no sugar syrup is added to Dabur Honey.

P.S. -- Do visit for various Honey based healthy cooking recepies by chef Vikas Khanna.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ready for Rewards: It's ME

Now that I have already analysed a RewardMe article in the previous post on one of my favourite hot topics, i.e., Work-Life Balance, I would like to provide my own insights now into the topic.

First of all, there is an absolute necessity to understand why work-life balance is required in life. Well, if you still can't guess then you are in the grave need of this. Work-life balance helps you to maintain neutrality in life and not get swept by immediate changes either at work or at home. It's true that home is LIFE, you live for your home which comprises of your dearest and loved ones, to feed them, to educate them, to secure their future; and in order to do all of this, we need to WORK so as to earn enough that we are able to afford life's basic necessities listed in the previous sentence.

One needs to understand if one keeps busy only in one aspect of this 2-sided coin, i.e., either work or life, then there will be an absolute mayhem inside your mind as well as in outside life. If you don't take work seriously, then life will be driven to the mercy of luck which is never good. Similarly, if you don't LIVE your life, then there won't be any family harmony or creative satisfaction in life outside of work.

1. Come home on time. Don't work late on daily basis. It's okay sometimes due to demanding nature of job in today's corporate culture, but only you are at fault if you make a habit of staying late daily in office.

Read this article by the Infosys great NR Narayana Murthy -->

Moral Of The Story in the article:
* Very Clear, LEAVE ON TIME!!!
* Never Put In Extra Time *Unless Really Needed*
* Don't Stay Back Un-Necessarily And Spoil Your Company Work Culture, Which Will In Turn Cause Inconvenience To You And Your Colleagues. 

There Are Hundred Other Things To Do In The Evening... 
Learn Music... 
Learn A Foreign Language... 
Try A Sport... TT, Cricket..... .... 
Importantly Get A Girl Friend Or Gal Friend, Take Him/Her Around Town... 

* And For Heaven's Sake Net Cafe Rates Have Dropped To An All-Time Low
(Plus, No Fire-Walls) And Try Cooking For A Change.

It's a typical Indian mentality that working for long hours means they are very hard-working and 100% committed to the company, whereas the fact is the people who regularly sit late in the office don't know how to manage their time.

2. Give evening time to spouse and kids. Help your wife by doing simple things at home, like cutting salad if not cooking, arranging laundered clothes, teach your kids lessons from studies, etc. 

3. Give time to yourself. Read a book. Listen to music. Go outdoors alone or with family. Unwind your mind to do what you want or what you have always wanted to do. Pursue a hobby. Play sports. Learn a musical instrument, etc. etc.

Read more at -->

Life's Calling, Where Are You!

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Ready for Rewards

Theme: Family

I came across a very good article on RewardMe website related to work-life balance. This topic has been one of the most practical things for me since I started working approx. 5 years ago in a metropolitan city. And it has been so difficult to manage my work and personal life. Personal life could be a delusion for some after having worked for more than a year in today's corporate world. The term implies to make out time for yourself and others who are important in your life, to take time out to play sports, enjoy live music, take a trip outdoors. It just not only includes watching movies on weekends, having a beer once in a while with friends. Personal life is too subtle; it goes way above than only including these things in your non-office time. Life is when you not just watch life go in front of your eyes but ENJOY life, have proper rejuvenation so that to calm mind and body from stress inherited from day-to-day job.

Here is  the article on RewardMe -->

The blurb of the article is:

      When was the last time you took your wife on a date? Took the kids on a trip? Or had time to read a book? If you’re always busy at work, it’s time you managed your time effectively.

And the first point it discusses is --> At work, it talks about how to prioritize our job according to our own most productive hours of the day; how to schedule creative work with least distractions for better work flow; and how to keep off social media and personal calls during those hours.

The second aspect of the coin discusses --> At home, how to cut-off  time for office calls and emails; how to freshen up and give sufficient time to spouse, kids and other family members; to routinely eat together for family bonding and sharing the day; doing things at home together for others' emotional and social well-being; and most importantly, to take out time for yourself - to indulge oneself in a hobby like playing Badminton, or gardening, etc. to satisfy one's inner creative needs.

The article does a well-enough job to chalk out the important points and not getting into too much detail, just have a good time management.

Gist of the article is --> Manage your Time well and Keep your Sanity

RewardMe serves its usefulness via its product reviews. One can find n no. of product reviews here ranging in various categories, thus helping one make proper decision for his shopping needs.

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Max Fresh Mov(i)e

A moment is all we are searching for, a moment in love with yourself. A moment of freshness is all we need to jump into a pool of things that otherwise just take a back seat. A road trip, a jam session or a song that is close to our heart, such pop ups have surprising and healing effect on us considering the amount of madness that we all go through in our everyday lives. It's particularly right to say that variety is the spice of life. Let's take a step ahead and also say that freshness is the fuel of life, something that we all crave. It is the one factor that keeps us going, which is why everyone looks for freshness in everything from our food to our relationships and jobs.

It is time for a Taazgi Ka Dhamaka with music.

I recommend everyone to watch the following video, where you are gonna get a shot of freshness watching Anushka's swaggy music punches and Allu Arjun's exuberant dancing steps.

Do you know there is even an Allu Arjun Dance Club for all those who admire and get mesmerized by his dancing skills. I must admit after watching this mad, crazy video of freshness, I got to say that I loved the break dance moves of the dancing superstar Allu Arjun. The ease and swiftness with which he carries out his moves when he is break-dancing inspires me to get out of my chair and start copying his steps as I feel the same emotion watching the video as he shows in his dancing here. I will be adding some of the screenshots of those breathtaking moves here. These spunky dance movies which come towards the end of the video could be used anywhere to freshen up the moment, like during a break in the middle of a boring office meeting, on dj at an informal party/occasion, etc.

Even I tried copying his neck moving steps from movie Happy where he makes fun of Genelia in some of the scenes in the feature film. I have loved his dance since then. And in the video posted above, he dances on the groovy music from none other VJ and the Viva pop girl Anushka Manchanda. Music is passion for a lot of us. It is an age-old adage that music showers universal love. The blend of rhythmic sounds and lyrics that is available in huge diversity works like magic on our senses. So is music your window to freshness? I just need to submerge myself in the rhythm divine and it brings me back to the state of liveliness after a dull, tiring day. 

I remember watching another sensational video in which Allu Arjun danced to Michael Jackson songs at Nayak audio release. He is really a performer in dancing sense. The energy he oozes out while dancing is incomparable to any other Bollywood or Tollywood or any other film industry actor. I have decided to take dancing classes in the evening from next month onwards as soon as my current swimming classes get over.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hug your Dad... this Father's Day!

A small gesture goes a long way in letting one's father know how thankful his son is to him for everything that he has done. I do not need an expensive gift to express myself. Just need to wrap my arms around him and give him the best gift ever, a tight hug, let him know that his small gestures of love have helped me be the person I am today. Love you, Dad!

My memory is eidetic enough to remember how he taught us to do our own work. He used to provide only external help and we siblings had to complete our tasks on our own with his guidance. That was during our childhood. As we grew older and entered teenage, he started giving us outdoor tasks to perform, occasionally; To the bank, to LIC office, to local vegetable market, or a ration shop so as to make us aware how the daily life functions.

There used to be a sever water crisis in our residential neighbourhood. So initially him and me used to go on bike and get back the water filled in a 20 litre can from 2 kms away. Gradually it was me who had to shoulder the responsibility when it became ultimate necessary to complete the chores everyday, on a bicycle. He taught me and handed over one crucial responsibility of our household. These small things, they go a long way in ensuring that you know your place in the world and find your footing; he was always available to guide us through.

Whenever we got cold and/or cough, it was essentially mom's job to provide hot beverages with cinnamon and ginger, and to apply Vicks Vaporub to our chest and forehead and nose. But whenever mom was visiting her own parents, it was him who used to cook proper food for us daily and whenever we were sick, he took care of us none lesser than mom. He invited us to a park nearby after office and used to play Badminton with us. He is the primary reason I play the sport for my office now in zonal tournaments. He made me what I am, be it in academic/professional field, in sports, in person as a whole. We could never repay what our parents do for us selflessly. So, today I reach out and pay my tribute to him, by hugging him.

The best Father's Day gift is one you don't have to unwrap ... #HugYourDad

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Hug your Dad... now!

"A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be"

A mother is like an ocean to her child while a father is the anchor of his kid's life. He held our hand as we learnt to walk. He picked us up when we were low. He gave us counsel in our darkest times. He cared for us when we were sick. He gave us a tight hug whenever we needed it. This Father's Day, I am blogging about to the ever unshakeable anchor of my life, my dad as I am really grateful for everything he has done for me. It’s time I pay him a special tribute and give him a warm hug.

I still remember from very small age how he, after coming from work in the evening, would teach and revise me every academic lesson I learnt at school. During exam times, he would often keep awake himself besides me and made sure I have practised all the examples of questions of mathematics in rough notebook. He would listen the answers to almost all questions from Science, English, Hindi, Social Studies, etc. And then only he slept even though he had to be at his office early the next day. But that never deterred him from escaping even a single minute where he could contribute towards my studies.

For all the other subjects he had to make sure either him or my mother had to listen answers so that I have had learnt all the questions to be asked in the oral or written examinations, the process continued till my 5th standard. After that, he mostly used to devote his full attention to my mathematics asking me to solve each and every question form the textbook before him, and then he used to match the answers before proceeding to next question or rebuking and slapping a little for easy mistakes. Now I feel those rebukes and slaps went a long way in transforming my studies, especially my Mathematics. This helped me in taking Non-medical after 10th board exams and finally clearing the prestigious AIEEE with AIR 3361. I have hold on to this magical number then as an integral part of my primary email id. And all that is due to him. Even he hadn't been strict about our studies and devoted himself to make sure we had all the facilities needed for studies, like emergency lantern with a mantle, no cable tv connection, etc. He has sacrificed much and now it's my time to thank him though it will never be enough.

The best Father's Day gift is one you don't have to unwrap ... #HugYourDad

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sock Smelly to Smiley Air

As per Nielsen Survey 2013, 80% married women believe, on the days the house smells good, the husband spends more time with family. But what one doesn't understand is one of the most common sources of odour in houses is the unclean socks.

Socks even after one day of use (full day cramped inside shoes) produce putrefying smell due to organic matter decay the whole day, which produces pungent smell when you again use them the next day and remove them in the evening. What I have been doing to avoid everyday washing of socks, me being lazy enough, is to take the socks inside out and keep them in the show with hollow mouth inside and closed mouth outside.

This has resulted in keeping the socks relatively fresh for 1-2 days but not odour-free. 

I mean, if one has a strong sense of smell, he/she wouldn't be able to tolerate the same. So, there was an urgent need of a newer solution, unlike spraying deodorants on socks. (That really leads to more smelly problems. Don't believe me, try yourself :D )

My New Solution:

A soothing fragrance can rejuvenate the senses and charm your feelings. Ambi Pur Set & Refresh Starter kit - Lavender Vanilla & Comfort, which is no ordinary air freshener (Ambi Pur Base Aerosol), is a continuous non-energized (CNE) placement product designed to continuously eliminate odours and always maintain freshness. Highly effective in small enclosed spaces, it does not just mask malodours but eradicates them completely. It replaces the odour with a natural fresh fragrance and transforms your home into a fragrant haven for up-to 50 days! A great value for money air freshener that mystifies your home into a floral, herbaceous and fresh aroma with soft comforting back notes. Complete your home with refreshing aromas and relax the senses.

Key Features:

The microporous fibres allow for sustained and effective release of the fragrant oil. The oils themselves have been chosen specifically on the basis of their character and evaporation potential. There is also an intensity regulation system integrated into the product that allows you to have complete control over the release of the fragrance. Sit back and breathe in the invigorating fragrances.

Lavender Vanilla & Comfort: A fragrance for a person who has a calm persona and affects people in a positive way. The therapeutic aromas of Lavender and Vanilla let your senses relax.

Also try our varied range of fragrances in Ambi Pur Set & Refresh and keep your home fragrant. (Fragrances - Sweet Citrus & Zest, Spring & Renewal, Blossoms & Breeze)

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Smelly to Smiley home

Monsoon is coming, or rather have already come in my part of the country. Who doesn't like rains and the constant splashing of water outside. But the season is also known for a major point of dislike. Constant rains result in the dampening environment inside house also and it leads to a persistent nagging odour 24 hours. It starts with the verandah or balcony first because these parts of house are in closer touch with the moisture due to rains outside, so the odour settles in here first. And it really sucks when your nose starts clenching itself once the odour percolates to your bedroom also. Most of it is smelt either in the toilet or the bathroom of the house.

Bangalore is a constant hub of rains throughout the year, but monsoon makes it really difficult because this is that odour period for our nostrils. Forget about the guests, it really stifles for the family members. The only solution that comes to mind when someone is visiting during this period is to get a room freshener and half-empty it spraying everywhere in the house. But, as everyone knows, it doesn't do much positive in this regard. Of course your room would start smelling flowery but still your nostrils will catch that nagging damp odour, thus making the room freshener only half successful as it just covers the odour, it doesn't remove it per se.

But now AmbiPur claims to convert our home from Smelly to Smiley

Fragrances have mood altering properties and reflect specific memories. Ambi Pur Air Effects Blossoms and Breeze Aerosol Air Freshener, does not just mask malodours but eradicates them completely. It replaces the odour with a natural fresh fragrance and transforms your home into a fragrant haven! A great value for money spray that has a mild non-obtrusive mist appealing to both, men and women can create refreshing memories. It takes you to a time when you can just throw your windows open to the fresh and uplifting fragrance of budding blossoms and green fields. Spritz the fragrance in your home and let it work its magic.

Key Features:

This handheld air freshener, has unique odour fighting ingredients & an innovative environment friendly, non-flammable, water based nitrogen propellant system, which helps the fragrance last long. It dispenses the fragrance in a natural mist form and refreshes the environment by genuinely eliminating trapped odours.

Blossoms & Breeze: The fragrance for personalities that radiate gentleness and approachability. It mystifies your home into your garden of Eden giving cool and positive energy.

(Other available Fragrances - Sweet Citrus & Zest, Lavender Vanilla & Comfort, Spring & Renewal, New Zealand Springs, Thai Dragon Fruit and Hawaiian Flowers).

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Celebrating life

Believe it or not, happiness is in our hands, well, with a probability of 90%. There are certain external factors which could, not prevent, affect that from happening. But still the majority of it lies in our hearts, minds and thoughts.

Happiness is a state of mind, aided by you-get-to-do-what-you-want-to-do, of course!
As for me, there are very small things, or should I call them subtle, which provide me utter satisfaction in life. And for the most part of life, if we are satisfied, we are generally happy - that's a golden rule I tend to follow. For me general happiness lies in my living area/conditions. The township I reside in is one of the greenest places of the city. And no one can argue over the fact that experiencing greenery around your apartments gives a serene, peaceful feeling within ourselves.

Second thing to happiness is - de-stressing, which can in be many ways, like sports activities, evening stroll in parks meeting with friends and acquaintances. And all of it again conveys that the locality we live in should possess these amenities and help towards a happier society in general. A few of my ways of de-stressing include playing Badminton in the indoor wooden court, having chai-pe-charcha & a sit-together at shopping complex, all within our township. On weekends, there's either long distance cycling, or running at a sponsored event. All these activities, coupled with a few more depending on the time and situation, really help in busting the accumulated stress out of mind. (Mind gets stressed due to various factors pertaining to modern lifestyle and work routine)

Thirdly, there are some leisure activities like gobbling or easing through a novel; reading, listening or writing poetry which soothes the inner self and brings calm to the outer self in process. Savouring your favourite piece of music, movie or food also comes under this category. All these things eat up surface tension and make us happy without us even noticing it.

Last but not the least, a mind or a body deprived of proper sleep is bound to be irritated. Such a personality can never squeeze the happiness out of anything. In other words, it won't be able to properly process any cause of happiness to its 100% extent. And a well-maintained home (with proper sunshine and air circulation in the house taken care of) in a seemingly quiet surrounding / neighbourhood is quite more likely to aid in better sleep at night hours.
Celebrate Life being Happy!

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Share load, share life

I have always advocated on the shared family-responsibilities between life partners, if they wish to maintain love in their sacred relation. There are many aspects to that. Traditionally, male has been taking the outdoor responsibilities head-on, while the female has been tackling indoor activities determinedly, pertaining to household chores. But the fast changing modern life has diminished the boundaries where activities like monthly ration, cooking, earning, washing are no longer restricted to any particular gender. I have always been washing my own laundry since I started college rather than giving it to the hostel washerman. It's a neutral activity for me - neither like nor dislike.

But the twist in the tale comes always once one gets married. And that's because the husband subconsciously shifts his indoor activities like cooking and washing to his wife, generally speaking. But that's where the two of us have no qualms about who will doing what. We have formed the basis of our marriage on sharing. 

Sharing the load 
by partners both 
dissolves differences 
doubles the happiness 

... is the mantra we have adopted in our married life. So when BlogAdda came up with #WashBucketChallenge, we decided to participate and #ShareTheLoad on a bigger platform. And here comes the proof... 

My experience with Ariel says that after washing, the clothes look bright and new and stain-free, in lesser amount of washing powder than other detergents; and the aroma is really nice.

The secret to easy laundry: 

The key is getting into (and sticking to) a routine. That way you’ll always have something clean to wear, and you can get your laundry chores out of the way before spending time on the things that matter, like meeting up with friends, going to the movies or spending time with your family.

You’ll find plenty of advice on Ariel site to help you find your way around your laundry. To help you get started, try these useful links:

Why it’s important to sort washing into whites, lights and darks.
Deciphering those confusing laundry symbols.
Help with removing stains.
How to make ironing easier.

Further, there are Laundry tips and Stain Removal tips available on Ariel website; here's the link -->

Happy Shared Laundry!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dil ki Deal on Snapdeal 1

Learning to play Flute has always been an aspiration which never got its due in my busy world, and it's not like I didn't try for it. It's just that I wasn't able to find any mentor nor a nice flute shop to purchase and start as a beginner. But last year I came across The Bangalore Harmonica and Reed Instrument Festival and I went for it without second thoughts.

Harmonica, or Mouth Organ, has always been my 2nd favourite musical instrument. And attending the harmonica festival and listening to so many wonderful amateur and professional players of the instrument, I made up my mind to finally give way to the longing musical earnestness inside me. And I ordered two pieces online. Why two! Well, it had a surprise attached with it then. A surprise leading to and resulting in Dil Ki Deal.

Later in that month, it was the birthday of one of my very good friends. And I had earlier mentioned to him that I was going to buy and learn harmonica soon and he had shown honest interest in that for himself too. Thus, buying two Tower Chromatic Harmonica (after much research and consultation) under Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF), an initiative by Google, got me a good deal online and some cashback as well. What I had planned after this I myself didn't even know. I think it was all in my subconscious waiting for the idea to take turn as the time comes.

I gradually learned the basics of playing harmonica online viewing youtube videos. Got the musical notes for a few songs like Jingle Bell, Twinkle Twinkle, etc. and learned to play them amateurishly. And after a month or so, the day came when I went to my friend's room and surprised him by playing Happy Birthday To You over Harmonica (not in perfect tune though, but the effort matters) and then gifted him the second Harmonica. He was delighted and spell-bound and thanked me enough for this Dil Ki Deal. Now whenever we get time, we try learning the instrument together sometimes. And we are planning to play it at the top peaks of mountains whenever we go for trekking next, or at the shore of a beautiful lake whenever we head for bicycling ride.

Life is never easy, it's made worth living by such Dil ki Deals creating and sharing happines, voila!

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Together we laughed again

During my final year of engineering, I worked as the organizer for some of the ECE core events to be held at our annual tech fest Literati'09. Since it's always an uphill task for the organizer to declare results based on the performance of the participants in such events, I also hurt some beautiful minds who did really very good but a difference of 19-20 mattered and I had to place them second. One of the members of that team was my junior and a good friend of mine. This shook him and it hurt me as well to seem him lost the prestigious first position. After a few months I graduated, came to job, and lost a bit of touch with him.

And one day, an update on Facebook from him informed me that he was visiting Bengaluru where I have been residing for last 3 years for work. I messaged him my desire to have a small reunion after so long and fixed the time. On the D-day I called him to my residence and treated him with a warm hug and care. Well, how could a reunion of 2 college mates be gonna without booze! We made a plan and hopped on my bike to the city's famous street for pubs, the Brigade Road.

And man, we really rocked the conversation that day. Slightly drunk with a pitcher of beer, I offered him my sentimental apology for the day I became the unintentional reason to cause him a big upset during the tech fest. We had a slight sad moment, but very brief, and then he maturely stated that all was past and long gone. Fighting over the last mug to be filled from the pitcher, we shared a laugh and beer as well. After coming back to my residence, I cooked him my special recipe in the form of sumptuous Maggi meal and shared some beautiful time walking down the corridors of memory lane in the past and about our current lives, about our love lives, as well as future plans and much more.

And in those moments of sharing and laughter and happiness, we strengthened the special bond of friendship which had slightly gone loose earlier. From the risen difference in college to a happy togetherness at my home, I felt relieved of any guilt, which had never left my psyche since that fateful day. The evening mattered as it was the destiny's way to get both of us back on track briefly again, to realize the values of life and to nurture the dreams of each other. As it is well said - Most times, it's the company that matters more than the advice, and that is the power of being #together!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Starting a new life

As indicated in my previous blog post, after recovering from unexpected setbacks I finished my engineering and landed a reputed government job, BUT away from home. Leaving my family behind and travelling 2500 km away from them, only with a possibility that I would be able to visit my hometown just twice a year was a big decision but the need of the hour.

My family and my home has always been my comfort zone where I felt secure and safe. Hence, coming to Bangalore and settling down alone wasn't so easy but an essential step of my life. But in a way, it was also a blessing in disguise for me as I discovered within a few years. Even though college life was also away from home, but the home wasn't very far away and I didn't have any financial freedom. Here at job, first of all I discovered what financial security is and how can I rejuvenate my life by balancing my expenditures in two parts - necessary for living , and necessary for LIFE.

There's a great difference between the two. One includes the basic components essential for living - food, clothing, and HOME. The second component of my expenditure list comprised of the things which make me happy and provide a satisfaction of Being Alive. Almost everyone dreams of doing this, doing that after getting a job, but only a few even consider this seriously after the initial year of financial ownership.

For me, it meant to live the life so that I don't feel a ting of zero satisfaction in life after 50 years or in my old age, or on my deathbed. So, first of all, I started giving shape to my poetry skills which started just as a means to my thoughts while in college. But here at my new home in Bangalore, I had the isolation, I had the environment and I had the thoughts which when scripted down on paper imploded with beautiful poems. Although once this aspect started working well for me, i.e., I got published in several books, magazines both online and offline, I still felt a little unfulfilled.

So, I purchased a bicycle, oh yeah, a bicycle, costing me approx. 45,000 bucks (don't get intimidated with the figure but, yeah, cycling has been my lifelong passion - to feel that breeze when you cycle along cross-country roads sweating and forgetting everything, just the journey and not the destination). 

That's when, I found my mantra - enjoy the ride, the journey; the destination will itself be achieved. 

And here I am - still aspiring to be a Randonneur, an emerging poet and author, and many other aspects have helped me in starting a totally new life unbeknownst to me earlier.

As I living as bachelor till last year, I was free to do all such things. And now, as I got married last month, I have shifted to family quarters - awaiting for the start of a totally new life all over again. And this time it's gonna start from Home :)

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Look up... to Life

This is a story when I was studying in the prefinal year of my engineering, away from home residing at college hostel. I have always been a bright student and got the scholarships for my study in school as well as in early 2 years of my B.Tech. But as it goes, nothing remains forever. I too was struck by fate's hammer which took a beating to my confidence. As it happened, I gradually started losing interest in academics after realizing the vagueness of our country's engineering syllabus towards making ourselves innovative engineers and among the best of the lot . My dream project in college, for college, was mocked at our annual tech fest that it couldn't be done by us and we had had outside help. Plus, due to nepotism nexus I lost my candidature for being the Campus Ambassador for a leading MNC pioneer in its field.

All of this happened within a few weeks of each other and in process, had taken a heavy toll on my mind. When my parents came to know of my situation, they called me home. HOME, a place where within a few days I forgot the outside life for better. Home, which gave me a sense of security as I had never felt. Home, in the care of my parents brought my back to my senses. My room in the college hostel had been my house for last 2.5 years but I was never as alive there as I was here with those walls who became my friends over the years, as playful as I was in our mini garden eating pomegranates from the tree I watered every evening.

Just a few days at home with my loved ones, I regained my willingness to move forward, to let go of the lost opportunities in the past, to get excited by what the future has to offer. I was ready to LOOK UP again and a whole lot more optimistic about my life. I realized how the negatives can impact oneself but it's always possible to overcome its effects and embark on a new beginning. Today, it has been almost a decade since then and I still apply the foremost lesson I learnt that your home is your best friend and your guardians and loved ones are your best solace in this whole world. 

Presently, I live in a city 2,500 km away from my hometown due to work responsibilities but I don't forget to take a good trip to my home on every festival and occasion, to be happy, to feel content seeing their happiness upon seeing me, to eat the best food of the world as I spend a couple of weeks there, to love and be loved. 
That's what life is... HOME
That's what home is.. LIFE!

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Garnier's new facewash in beauty market

Pimples, nowadays, is no more a problem for fairer sex when it comes to disturbing the beauty of face and peace of mind. Metrosexual men too are troubled by this fact. As the body's protective outer-shell, your skin puts up with a lot. Harmful elements such as chemicals, infections, cuts, scrapes, and sunlight keep the seemingly delicate organ under near-constant assault. The addition of sweaty gym-sessions and stress send your epidermis into overdrive, leaving it no choice but to react.

First of all, acne and pimples have many causes; most commonly hormones, stress, and bodily hygiene. So addressing those is top priority.

Your first line of defense is washing your face and body.

Garnier Pure Active Neem Face WashFights germs, pollution and removes oil

Check it out here -->

It contains real Neem Leaf and Tree Tea Oil extracts:

1) Fights germs: Washes away problem causing germs.

2) Fights Pollution: deep cleans pores to remove impurities caused by pollution.

3) Removes Oil: Washes away excess oil which attracts dirt & germs.

What's Inside: 

  • Formula with real Neem and a non-stop, purifying triple action
  • Contains pure Neem leaf extract and Tea Tree Oil extracts.

In a 1971 article published by American Family Physician we see a quote: “Patients are deluded into thinking that their health can somehow be mysteriously harmed by something in their diet.” That’s not all. The major textbook of dermatology for acne published in 1975 claimed that parents and doctors used the threat of depriving teens of “tempting delights” like candy and junk food only as a way to “keep these imminent sinners in check,” not because diet had any connection to acne.

In fact, most of us tend to believe that pimples are for kids! Not true. The average age of acne patients has now increased from 20 to 26 years old. Millions of adults are experiencing acne for the first time. And acne rates are rising — contradicting the belief that this condition is caused by genes.

Eight million people see the dermatologist every year for acne and millions more rely on infomercial products hawked by celebrities or over-the-counter products that total $100 million in sales every year. And healthcare costs for prescription acne treatment exceed $1 billion a year. Clearly, this problem, like so many chronic diseases in the 21st century, is increasing.

I say, Why not take the guard and stop the pimples from happening by forming a strong first line of defense - by using an equipped remedy presented by one of the leading product manufacturer in this field - Garnier - give your pimply face a chance and check the effectivness yourself. Good luck!

For Garnier beauty/skin tips, visit --> 

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Asus meet - IndiBlogger! A long awaited one

And after a long, long wait of another fun meet from IndiBlogger in Bangalore, the first meet of 2015. The evening started with the home band playing some non-understandable English numbers (tongue-in-cheek) and our favourite host Anoop was seen playing bass guitar in full rhythm and non-decodable expressions. And then the main part of the evening, the Asus technical head explained about the two of their latest computing gadgets launched in India on 26th of January, 2015.


Mobile performance, elegantly crafted

The Asus EeeBook X205 is an affordable 11.6-inch Windows 8.1 notebook (I say it's netbook) that weighs less than 1 kg and has a compact, space-saving design (ultra thin, 1.75 cm, finger width size approx.). This model allows you to surf the net up to 12 hours on a full charge (Ain't it charming!). Windows 8.1 with Bing gives you full compatibility with software and peripherals when compared to other operating systems. MS Office 365 included and Quad-core processor for smooth multi-tasking performance and smartphone touch screen-like precision give EeeBook a distinct advantage.

ASUS  ET2040

19.5-inch All-in-One PC with built-in backup power, innovative hands-free gesture control and full I/O connectivity

  • Smart backup power prevents data loss up to one hour

If you've ever lost files due to sudden loss of electrical power — whether caused by brownouts, blackouts or even accidental unplugging by pets or children — you'll appreciate ET2040's clever built-in backup power*. Unlike other all-in-one PCs that rely completely on mains power to work, ET2040 will keep on working for up to one hour if the power is lost — automatically! This gives you plenty of time to save all your open files and documents.

  • Intuitive gesture control for hands-free entertainment

Hands-free entertainment

Imagine controlling multimedia players or browsing the internet from up to five meters away from your computer. ASUS All-in-One PC ET2040 makes it all possible with advanced Hand-Gesture Recognition Software (HGRS) that uses the built-in camera to accurately interpret movements. Play songs or videos, adjust player settings, or zoom and rotate photos — all from a distance, without ever touching a screen, keyboard or mouse

  • Comprehensive array of I/O ports with three USB 3.0, three USB 2.0 and HDMI-output

The ASUS All-in-One PC ET2040 is the simple, elegant answer to all your home computing needs. It's stylish and slim, and fits into any space in your home of office. But don't be deceived by its space-saving size — ET2040 breezes through everyday computing tasks, thanks to its lightning-fast Intel® processor and high-performance graphics. It has plenty of room for all your stuff, too, with a 1TB hard drive plus 100GB cloud storage on ASUS WebStorage for free. Moreover, ET2040 is built with smart backup power, so it's immune to power cuts! For even more peace of mind, ET2040 has the proven reliability of ASUS desktop PCs — as says, “If you want a Windows desktop PC, ASUS is the best choice”.

After the Asus presentation and Q&A part got over, we were again put through fun-building games by splitting us in teams and ask us to deliver a presentation on 
Promote Blogging
based on the secret themes given to the respective Captains of the teams --- Aye, aye Captain! Ahoy!!

The dinner served was really good and the dessert offered was a sumptuous end to the fun-filled evening. Well one last thing, we expected to receive IndiBlogger t-shirts this time but .... maybe some other time, no regrets!

P.S. -- This post is in association with IndiBlogger Asus meet held yesterday (30th January, 2015) at ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Get. Set. Bolt!

So, last Sunday I was in the Forum mall to check out the newest car in town, the suave Tata Bolt. Standing in the centre arena of the mall, the lustrous look of the car was inviting looks from everyone passing by and the driving enthusiasts weren't satisfied without taking a hotshot look at it from nearby and even getting into the driver's seat.. And here I present few of its features I felt to be cutting edge.

For the first time ever in the compact hatch class of cars, Multi-Drive option has been introduced by Tata Bolt. Choose your mode to match the road you're on and the mood you're in. Sport-mode for Power, Eco-mode for mileage and City-mode for a balance between the two.

Sport: Want to have that adrenaline rush and leave the city behind. Choose Sport mode and get the intelligent burst of power when needed.

Eco: Drive smart and switch on the Eco mode so as to make use of every drop of precious fuel. This mode maximizes the fuel efficiency for the super-saving drive.

City: Whenever stuck in lame traffic, switch to City mode to enjoy a hassle-free ride as it offers a perfect balance of power and mileage, optimized for city driving conditions.


Turbocharged MPFi Petrol Engine

Get an exceptionally powerful driving experience. The name Revotron is an amalgamation of Revolution and the French word "tronel", meaning "balance". It conveys the essence of this engine brand that uses key technological advances to revolutionize and balance great driving maneuverability, without compromising on power or fuel efficiency.

    3. India's First-in-class 1.2L turbocharged MPFi petrol engine

More power. Better efficiency. The turbo charger delivers power when you need it the most. Thanks to Revotron 1.2T, one doesn't have to be a race car driver to experience it.

    4. 3,00,000 hours of research & developmental testing 

3 lakh hours of R&D testing of the engine in various geographical locations, under different climate conditions and at various altitudes to ensure you get an engine that performs at its peak no matter what the condition is.

    5Best-in-class low-end torque of 140 Nm at low 1500 rpm

Fewer gearshifts & quicker acceleration come together to make the most comfortable drive imaginable. So, get in and get off the block before anyone else.

Besides, Bolt has been developed as a part of international collaboration with global design team.

Ek test-drive toh banta hai! So Get, Set, Bolt!!

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