Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Togetherness: It needs to be Real and not Digital

In today's world, where every second pair of eyes are looking down and fingers moving on a 4x6 inches smarty thing, one doesn't know what it's costing every one of us. As life goes on daily, we are getting drowned in our digital lives and getting separated or rather subconsciously ousted from our real world lives should be a matter of grave concern to every individual.

Social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp and uncountable others have eased communication between friends and family to such an extent that it gives an idea of having a person just beside us every time; so much so that people don't feel the need to actually visit / meet those significant ones in their lives. Coupled to it, the stress levels, never-receding and ever-increasing workload, and negligible availability of time, people just like to relax and chill and MEET ON A SOCIAL NETWORD, rather than face to face.

But there is a faction of thinkers who are quickly realising the long term cons of online togetherness. The real togetherness has been the backbone of our society since time immemorial. People come together, talk, share, eat, drink, dance, enjoy to satiate their soul which craves for love. Digital togetherness, no doubt, is totally deprived of that. True, it's very fascinating and lucrative but what it lacks is soul, thus it incepts with distinctive honour only superficial joy and not soulful pleasure. The latter is the basic part of a person's individual happiness level, generally talking.

It is high time that we limit the unnecessary part of digital pervasiveness in daily communications, and come up with plans to meet people, dine together, go on tours/trips with each other. Connecting in person opens up an added advantage of understanding the person sitting next as you can feel the emotions and explore the depth of your friendship/relation which ultimately results in great bonding for the whole life.

There are several ways this can be done and the omnipresent Nature could prove to be a impartial help in this task. My idea of real togetherness is to arrange regular picnics / sight-seeing near a lake or in a forest in the lap of nature where one could be with oneself and discover the hidden facets of each other as well as the Mother Nature. Preparing food together at a picnic or get-together is an unforgettable experience. The required apparatus could be carried in the trunk of one's car with some adjustments. But the prospect of cooking food in a barbecue during such an event would be an experience one would relish his/her whole lifetime. Fast / Frozen foods along with Ketchup and Jam would be savouring for both adults and kids alike.

Kissan India has come up with a great video propagating the cause of Real Joy of Togetherness. Watch it below.

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The #ChampIsBack II

As I work away from my hometown, approximately 2500 km far, the one unavoidable thing in my yearly itinerary is travelling. Apart from this, there is also frequent travelling to other cities for work, recreation, getaways. And a smartphone is our constant companion on any such trip.

One of the drawbacks of this is the stifling thought of the regular charging required for the smartphone as the battery doesn't hold longer than a day; and then it takes the whole night to get fully recharged. Well, it seems I can avoid this just a little as I look at the better capacity of battery in the newly launched LG Nexus 5X. It offers 2700 mAh battery which is way better than that of my current smartphone.

Secondly, one thing we always have to look out for while charging the phone is to give full attention to how to insert the usb charging cable into the charging port of the phone. That's always a dubious task as almost every other time we tend to insert the usb cable the wrong way, a fact of Probability in real life. But the new LG Nexus 5X provides us with the reversible USB Type-C charger, which means no more guessing which way is up. And it's fast as we get almost four hours of use after only ten minutes of charging.

Thirdly, there is always danger lurking around w.r.t. the theft or missing of our smartphone while travelling. LG Nexus 5X ups the ante here too by providing a unique kind of fingerprint sensor -  Nexus Imprint - placed on the back of the device to complement the way we naturally hold it. It turns on the screen with one touch, unlocks the apps quickly and easily, and this featuring technology gets personal and smarter with every touch.

Thus leaving no doubt that LG Nexus 5X is a better companion smartphone than others, hence go for it!

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I currently use Micromax Canvas HD A116i as my personal smartphone since last two years. It's quite a good phone and does almost everything what a smartphone should be doing, with good efficiency and came at a price just above the lower 5 digit numeral.

As I feel the need to upgrade or equip myself with a modern range smartphone, there are several options in mind out of which one of the top place-holders in the new LG Nexus 5X.

I am a foodie and a regular, if not frequent, visitor of restaurants in my city bearing more than 2.5 rating on Zomato preferably. One of the things I like to do while seated and before ordering is to take a quick look at the reviews so as to understand which food items people have liked in general and recommended for others to try. And for that I need a better smartphone with slightly more than 5 inches of screen. This is where LG Nexus 5X takes high standpoint by offering 5.2 inch display, perfect to handle and read reviews and write my own whatever I like or dislike about the food/restaurant on the spot.

Secondly, when visiting a restaurant and not taking the pic of the dishes served or of myself/friends or myself eating a particularly delicious item, then the trip doesn't feel total worthwhile, isn't it! But, as you know, the restaurants prefer dim lighting at dinner time where it gets difficult to take a quality picture of anything aforementioned. I think this is where the new LG Nexus 5X will come on handy rather than my current smartphone as the former's larger 1.55μm pixels captures more light even in the dimmest conditions to produce stunning details and sharp images.

Now I have been hearing a lot about the Google Photo app these days but I am yet to try it. What's super-cool with Nexus 5X is that I will get a chance to explore this app as well as store an unlimited amount of photos and videos at high quality for free, and access them anywhere. This would also come in handy for my on-the-spot restaurant reviews on Zomato by taking and posting the pictures as well as taking unlimited numbers of selfies or the group pics while eating together outside without ever worrying about the storage limit exceeding in my phone.

Therefore, all-in-all LG Nexus 5X seems to offer a unique perspective to my eating outside and I feel it would definitely enrich my dining experience.

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